What's #PQrs79

What's #PQrs79

What is #PQrs79?

PQrs79"Logo inspired by Malaysia coins!"

It was on an evening in 2015, when day slowly faded into dark that I sat at my small desk full of knick-knacks, idly thinking about coming up with a code/phrase to represent me; something that I’d love, yet also unique enough so that it becomes part of my identity as well. The first two letters first came into play, as P and Q are my initials, and I knew I wanted to include 7 as it is my lucky number. For some reason in a lightbulb moment, the letters P Q R S in sequence flashed across my mind, and it stuck. I put up 7 behind it, and threw in another of my favourite numbers: 9. Thus #PQrs79 was born, representative of my Lifelogue. 

Letters, cards, notebooks and stories.

P represents the spirit of the post and painting. There are two main elements in postal products: posting stamps and other related items such as letters, postcards, and formal documents or even gifts. Collecting stamps is one of my childhood hobbies, all thanks to the uncles and aunties who helped me collect used stamps from their office letters. I’ve even received local stamp collections as souvenirs when people travel internationally and bring them back for me. 

First stamp album back in 1999!"My first post stamp album back in 1999! #nostalgic" 

At some point, I abandoned this hobby for a while, and now I couldn't imagine how many stamps that I missed out on collecting then. Years later, I reignited my passion for collecting stamps and till today, I’m still keeping an extra eye on letters I receive in my office to check whether a stamp is attached on the right top corner of the envelope. It’s a heartbreaking thing for me that this practice is getting more infrequent. 

Postcards from the world!

Besides stamps, another key element of posting is the content. Regardless of letters, postcards, formal documents or gifts, the energy and love of the dialogue between sender and recipient is evident. Thanks to the postal service, this act and giving and receiving, as well as anticipating, is full of happiness and excitement. 

Left: 2017 Japan trip's watercolour drawing; Right: 2021 CNY food sketching "Watercolour drawing for 2017 Japan trip on the left; and food sketching by black in pen for 2021 Chinese New Year's journal!"

Painting refers to a painting itself, the act of painting and the colours! I’m not naturally gifted at painting, but I insist on painting, drawing, and sketching to record down happenings that happen in my everyday life. I don’t limit myself to a single method to complete my paintings; other than colouring material like crayons and watercolour, pens and pencils, I enjoy collecting different materials, do scrapbooking and even taking and printing out photos to complete the painting. This makes me believe that colours have a unique role in our life. 

B&W instax film

Even something as simple as using a 2B pencil to carry out your sketching, using black and white film to document something, or maybe even keeping newspaper cuttings, colours instantly bring out the soul within the image. Each moment is different from the last, as is each person. When we capture moments, it’s different every time, unique for each person, each moment, and this is what I like to call the colours of life. 

My favourite quote from "My favourite quote from "The Secret", don't forget you're the Magic Wand!"

Q stands for quotes, one of my favourite things ever! Life is full of quotes, taken from everywhere from shows and movies, inspirational pieces of texts, or maybe even from someone you talk to, be it a family member, friend, or mentor. 

Words from them!

Quotes serve as inspiration and motivation, and best of all, they’re easily accessible even on social media, which makes quotes an integral part of our lives.

Essential for writing a card!

R is for rules! I have always believed that we should have some ground rules in our lives, regardless of location, life stage, level of success, and the like. With some rules and boundaries, we’re a person of principle, and these principles can help guide us through life when it gives us choppy seas. Even if you feel lost, if you have a foundational principle, it can always guide you to your path again.

Every unbox moment is happier than ever!"Shop for your hobby, and support what you love to do, then your soul feed by love and positive vibes!"

S refers to stationery, shopping, being soulful, The Secret, and support! My all-time favourite book, The Secret, has helped me go through a difficult time in my past. It’s an incredibly insightful book, and through it I learned about and got exposed to opening myself up to good energy, attracting what I want in life with faith, and believing in the power of creation. Have faith, ask, and you shall receive. 

Last but not least, I think that nobody will deny this: two things we definitely need in life are shopping and the support that goes along with it too!

Loves, Baoqin.

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